A new exoplanet poster was unveiled in Washington D.C. at JPL’s 20th anniversary of exoplanets celebration held at the National Air and Space Museum. The poster represents all of the ‘firsts’ in discovering the first exoplanet. Of course 51 Peg B was the breakthrough ‘first exoplanet’, a hot-Jupiter in a 4 day orbit around a Sun-like star, found by Michel Mayor and Didier Queloz of the University of Geneva. But with every first there’s an asterisk – the first exoplanets some say were discovered by Aleksander Wolszczan in 1992 around the pulsar PSR 1257. Then there’s Gamma Cephei Ab, a planet announced in 1989 by Gordon Walker and a Canadian team, but was retracted in 1992 due to insufficient evidence, then later confirmed by an independent group in 2002. HD 114762 b was discovered in 1989 by David Latham (Harvard/CfA) but was reported as a probable brown dwarf, then later confirmed to be an exoplanet. Phew! Now you can appreciate the design of this poster. 

High resolution images of the poster can be found here.